As someone who has been to Disney World multiple times, I can tell you firsthand that planning a trip to the parks can be overwhelming. Long gone are the days where you can just have a plane ticket and a hotel reservation to go any Disney park.  Now there are so many options and so much you need to pre book to be able to not stand in line for hours. With so much to see and do, it's tough to know where to start. I highly recommend a travel agent that specializes in curating trips to Disney World.

Regardless if you are a planning a trip to Lake Buena Vista, Florida or Anaheim, California or one of the many Disney cruises : Disney Dream • Disney Fantasy • Disney Magic • Disney Wish • Disney Wonder . Having someone to guide you saves you time , money and stress.

You probably need park dinner reservations ,  lunch options inside the parks , meet and greet Princesses or characters , hotel bookings and even kid’s gear rental .

 I highly recommend They are a team of moms so they understand how difficult the planning process can be when you are trying to please many in your group.

 The best part is their  full-service planning is complementary when you book your 3+ park day vacation with them .

Taking part of the hassle off your hands (and mind) really allows you to enjoy more and create magical memories with your kids.