The Tower Princess purple costume dress

★★★★★ (9)

  • Non itchy 
  • No glitter mess !
  • Machine washable in gentle cycle , tumble dry low or medium heat.                            
  • This style is NOT slim fit like our other princess dresses. 

Joy by Teresita Orillac costume

-One of the most beloved princesses of all time, and we finally get to present our very own version of her purple dress. The short sleeve bodice is made from a super soft super stretch velvet in a lavender tone, adorned with a decorative lacing in the center front that ends with a cute little bow. The puffed bi color sleeves are actually paned, like the real medieval styles! Finally, the skirt was created using multiple layers of sparkly tulle in purple and pink, the same matching tones as the bodice and sleeves.


Joy by Teresita Orillac costume couture dress up